Many businesses may not have fully considered the strategic implications of emission constraints or estimated potential impacts on earnings. Statistics show that given the recent and projected growth in global emissions, mitigation and adaptation strategies by all major economies will need to be stronger and earlier than previously considered necessary.

Unique in Asia, ESC is founded on a distinctive blend of scientific, policy, economic, business and industry sector expertise.

With our keen insights into carbon management and energy strategy we help clients to integrate sustainability into their core business decision-making processes and culture.

This enables clients to identify and prioritize specific sustainability opportunities across the value-chain, with the three-fold benefits of meeting consumer and regulatory expectations, and improving the bottom line. Technological change holds the key to both the mitigation costs of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the adaptation costs of adjusting to climate change.

Our carbon consulting practice offers unique capabilities through our expertise, excellence and experience in the application of proven carbon management solutions using a variety of technologies.

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Andrew Young

Andrew Young
Managing Director